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Dear Ladies,


Welcome to London International women’s club is affiliated with “Welcome Clubs International” which is an NGO of the United Nations and is represented in over forty countries. We are a worldwide network of women’s clubs all sharing the same aims and objectives to promote and increase friendship and cultural education among people of all nations by seeking greater understanding.


Our motto is: “Friendship through understanding and understanding through Cultural Education and Friendship”. 


Our monthly programmes include lunches, visits to exhibitions, excursions and our trips to Europe amongst other activities which are the prerogative of our members.


Should you wish any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please complete the form below and make the membership payment of £35.00 via PayPal.



Kindest regards.


Dee Phillips Medawar

I accept that all listings in the Directory are NOT to be used for commercial purposes

without the prior authorisation in writing from the Executive Committee

I understand “Welcome to London International Club” has no political, religious affiliations, social or racial barriers.

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